Miscellaneous Thoughts and Babbles


Why do we think some things are beautiful?

Color and Personality

I read in a magazine that people's personalitites can be determinged by their favorite color. Or was it their sex lives? I remeber it saying that people who have red bedrooms are more sexualy active than people who hve green or blue rooms. And the same went for the clothes they wear. At eh time, my bedroom and the rest of my living quarters were the same thing, and I had it painted a light green. My clothes were all green or blue. So, I went out and bought some red clothes. I never liked wearing them. I don't like to be noticed. Ilike to blend in with the trees and the sky. Yes, brown is also in my wardrobe. I can blend in with the earth. So, am I dull because I don't like bright clothes, or do I not like bright clothes becsue I'm dull? And this stuff can't be faked. Well, I can wear red clothes, and try to fake it.