Art is Fun!


I engage in three kinds of art. String art, spin art, and painting. And building this web site is a type of art. Art is everywhere.

String Art

Spin Art

My first memories of spin art are from a church picnic. The man had a barrel, and at the bottom of the barrel was a moter that spun. He would put a white cardboard target on it, and then start the motor. He would charge us a coin or two to let us squirt paint at the target, and the result was a pretty painting.

I often thought that it would be a good way for neighbor kids to make money, rather than a lemon aid stand, or maybe along with a lemonaid stand.

I made mine from a broken remote control car. I took out the electric motor and wired a switch box so it can go forward or reverse. I mounted it in a large cardboard box. From amazon I bought a few kits to get the squirt bottles and my first paints. You need to have small squirt bottles because if you give a kid a large squirt bottle, he will use all of the paint before you can stop him. He will use all of the paint in a small bottle too, but you have more control over how much paint gets wasted.

I experimented with different types of targets. Paper plates work well, but plastic plates do not. The paints peel off of plastic plates after it dries.

Tempera Paint is relatively inexpensive and only requires soap and water to clean up. Well, the colors still stain a carpet.

Acrylic paint can be used. It is also called latex paint. The paint has to be liquid enough to flow, but not too liquid. Getting the right consistancy is part of the challenge.


For a while I was having fun going to Paint Nite. You can find out more here. Anyone can paint, and it is considered to be theraputic.


This art mediun is new to me. It is pronounced "ba-teek." It is a handmade fabrick art. Learn more about it at the guild or get instructions and equipment here.