Rental Property

The best information I can give you about rental property is to not do it!! However, if you are already suckered in, or want to ignore my advice because you think you can do better than I did or am doing, I will try to give some helpful alternative advice. And wish you good luck.




I should write my own book. I remember my first rental house. I was in college, studying for an exam, when I got a call. The tenant didn't speak English very well, but he was excited and kept saying "fire." I rushed over to the house expecting to see fire trucks and flames, but all was quiet. It turned out, that the hot water heater did not work. I had to ignite the gas starter light.

The hot water tank in PA.

Motorcycle man

the kidney guy.

threatened in LA

the one I sold and thought I made money until tax time.

the colonel

section 8

the dog shit and detergent

the dog shit and my sickness.



cheating wives/husbands in Louisiana

the stripper who paid up after getting sick

the water heater

painting the house with the best paint, but no primer.

Some quotes you will need to memorize

D&C 64:34
1 Samuel 24:2