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Speed Reading

In high school, my mother bought me a speed reading course. It had a gadget that one could insert cards into, and set a timing speed, and train yourself to read fast. I lost it when I loaned it to some one who left town with it. A book came with this course, and it had articles that were a thousand words long, so you could time yourself reading these articles, and measure your speed. Maybe I can reproduce something like that here, using JavaScript.


A friend introduced me to a course on negotiating that really changed my outlook on life. I am not a good negotiator, but only because I don't care to be one. If someone wants something from me, I usually give it to them. Still, it is well to know the techniques being used against us every day.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

I once worked on a project that seemed to have ghosts making problems. I went to an IEEE meeting and listened to a talk about electromagnetic interference. It turned out, that was the source of my ghosts./p>

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