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I was raised as a Catholic. I'm glad I was raised as a Catholic, because now, when I watch a TV show where there is a confession scene, I can relate to it. While serving in the military, I was introduced to non-denominational worship. And I joined a book club. I was reading Moby Dick, and in chapter five, I came across the name Dives. A foot note in that copy of Moby Dick said that Dives was the name of the rich man in Luke 16:19, where Jesus gives the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Well, I know my bible didn't give the name of the rich man in that parable, so I wondered what bible Herman Melville read. I started to read and compare different bibles, and I found many, many differences. It turns out that Dives is not the man's name. It comes from the Latin Vulgate, and some time in the middle ages it became associated with a name, but that was a misunderstanding, or an improper interpretation.

Having being stationed in the South, I became heavily influenced by the Baptist religion. My faith was shaken by Eric Von Daniken and his "Chariots of the Gods." "The Late Planet Earth" by Hale Lindsey affected my faith, as did "The Great Controversy" by Ellen G. White. But it was the finding of the Inspired Version of the Bible that introduced me to Joseph Smith.

I picked up a hitch hiker, and he told me many things that later affected my beliefs. He called me a seeker. I know now that he was a member of the dark side, but I like the term seeker. Jesus said that if ye seek, ye shall find. (Matt 7:7)


Have you ever wondered about how many commandments of God there are? Most people just think of the ten. But, read the scriptures, and you will find a lot more than ten. Click here and you will find a list of the commandments with the reference. My preference is the Inspired version, then the King James Version, and then the Catholic Bible. I have also included references from the Book of Mormon.

Three Days in the Grave

Most Christians just assume Christ died on a Friday and rose early Sunday morning. That scenario would not fulfill prophesy. A careful reading of the scriptures show that this common misconception is not how it went down. A website that has has a good examination of the matter is here


Who was he? A bible course and some other people say he was Jesus Christ before Jesus was born, but, again, a careful reading shows this not to be the case.

Bible Quote of the Day

Three hundred and sixty five quotes from the Bible. And a few extra.

Book of Mormon Quote of the Day

Three hundred and sixty five quotes from the Book of Mormon. Still working on this one.

Doctrine and Covanents Quote of the Day

Three hundred and sixty five quotes from the Doctrine and Covanents. Still working on this one.