Welcome to the World of Dennis, the Health section.

Health affects everything about one's life. Without health, nothing else matters. This is where I share some ideas about what I've learned about health.


Ménièr's disease is a nasty thing to have. I don't know when I first got it. I remember a trip to Chicago, and I got very dizzy and sick, and was throwing up in a trash can. This woman and her child came by and thought I was drunk. I thought I ate something bad.
Another time I had gone to a restaurant and got very sick afterwards. But it wasn't immediately afterwards. Now, looking back, after what I have learned, and experienced, I think those were attacks of ménièr's.
My first diagnosis was wrong. The doctor told me I had an autoimmune disease. He had me on prednisone, and I was seeing another doctor who administered the stuff. After a year, the second doctor hinted that maybe I needed a second opinion. I moved to another state about that time, and the situation got much worse.
But then, a Chiropractor told me to start taking two minerals, Chromium, and at least 10 mg of Manganese. I have not had an attack since I started taking these minerals.


I use Solaray Chromium Picolinate, 200 MCG. The direction say to take it with a meal or a glass of water. I take it with my breakfast. According to Dr. George L. Redmon, in his book "Minerals What Your Body Really Needs & Why," Chromium is a required cofavtor for all of the actions of the hormone insulin. (page 89).


I buy Solaray Manganese, 50 MG. Do not confuse this with magnesium. Although magnesium is important, it can be found in any self-respecting multivitamin. Manganese is also in self respecting multivitamins, but not enough. In his book on minerals, Dr Redmon suggests a daily intake of 10 milligrams.


I do yoga. I receive the Yoga Journal. But, I don't do it as often as I should. Now, I am into myofascial release, and understanding this, has given me more appreciation for some of the simpler yoga stances.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is more than a manual therapy that adjusts the fascial and soft tissue of the body. It is considered to be a mind and body therapeutic healing approach. You can learn more about it by reading the following books:

  1. "What's in Your Web?" by Phil Tavolacci
  2. "myofascial Release" by Ruth Duncan
  3. "healing Ancient Wounds: The Renegade's Wisdom" by John F. Barnes

John Barnes is considered the Guru of the field. You can learn more about him here. or you can Google him. Not all comments about him are positive. In other words, he is controversial. But I was successfully treated by one of his practitioners, and the book by Ruth Duncan is worth getting.

To contact my practitioner, go to this web site.


I want to build my own hearing aid. When I get around to it, this is where I'll document my efforts.


Yes, walking is good exercise. I do it, except when it is cold outside. If shopping alone, park at the far end of the parking lot when shopping; if not alone, your companion will certainly complain. Unless they are health minded like yourself.

But here is my real secret: belly dancing. Click on the tab above that will take you to that part of the world of Dennis.


I have noticed that about every month I see a new article on how to stay healthy by avoiding stress.

Neti Pot

Every one should have a neti pot. When your sinuses are acting up, there is nothing like a nice sinus rinse to fix the problem. Now, the professionals say to only use water that has been distilled or sterilized. See here. or here for more information from the experts. I use tap water. And I have learned that using regular salt does not work for me. Spend the money and buy the special fine salt that your local health food store sells.

The bottom of my neti pot has a web site reference: netipot.org and my neti-salt bag has the same web site. It is for the Himalaian Institute. At that web site, there is a great deal of information andeven a video demonstration.

As much as I like it when my sinuses are congested, I recommend that one only use it when you need it.