Edible Weeds in the World of Dennis

Edible Weeds

I'm sure that my neighbors do not like me. They have such perfect green lawns. I have weeds. I love my weeds. The birds love my weeds. The rabbits love them too. Let me tell you about my weeds.

Ground Ivy

I have plenty of this in my front yard, but not in my back yard. It is in the mint family, and has a square stem with a purple flower.


I have just a small twig in the back yard, by the back fence.


Here is

Day Lily

I have several day lilies. I don't eat them, but I know that Indians used to eat the roots.


I used to wonder why the flowers on my chickweed were yellow, and not white. It is a good thing I didn't eat the ones I thought were chickweed.


This started coming up on its own. Although I don't actually use it, I don't discourage it from growing.


My brother has a beautiful garden, with all kinds of stuff people put in normal gardens. Purslane loves broken soil, and he spent a lot of time weeding it out. Too bad, because it is better tasting and more nutritious than many of the other plants that were there!

Lady's Thumb


Who does not have dandelion in their yard? anted to own my own day spa. This is a virtual spa. Enjoy.


I had to plant this one.

Common Milkweed

I planted this one too. I got the idea from my uncle, who explained that it would help monarch butterflies. They spread like bad weeds.




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