Body wrap

Body Wrap Instructions

There are different types of body wraps. If you go to a salon, they may put you on a table and wrap you up, and massage your scalp while you rest in the wrap. This information is for a home, do it yourself or with a friend, individual limb wrap.

Body Wraps

In most states, one must be licensed to provide this service for profit. This information is for home use, not for profit, but for fun. I am not going to go into why it works. The results are not permenant. Still , it is fun and relaxing.


I had a woman come to my house and wrap me and leave. I almost died trying to get out of that wrap, which was too tight and cutting off my circulation. If you wrap some one, stay with them! If you wrap yourself, be able to call for help.

Essential Oils

Essential oils make everything better! I am a dōTERRA consultant, but I'm not allowed to link my page from here. My friend sells Young Living. Be sure to use quality oils.

The Wraps

The wraps are strechy cloth wraps. Some people use clear plastic wrap. If you do, notice on the side of the box, there are tabs to press in; be sure to press these in so the roll won't pop out of the box. For the cloth wraps, they can be heated and better controlled. See an example of what they look like Here. Just buy a kit. Have some friends over and share the cost. The wraps are reusable and can be washed.

The Mud or Jel

I think just about any skin softener or conditioner will work here. Even water treated with essential oils. Try Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavander, or Chamomile.

Heating the wraps

You can use a roaster or a crock pot to heat the wraps in water. No more than 125° (125 degrees). Remember that you have to handle these wraps and you don't want to burn anyone. Heat them about 20 minutes before starting the wrap. It takes about 15 wraps for an average size person.

Vinyl Sauna Suit

After the wrap, get into a vinyl suit. This holds the warmth and moisture in so you won't get cold as the wraps dry.


Any bathroom will work. Yes, convert your bathtub and bathroom into a home spa area. You want about five foot by six foot room, with no carpet on the floor. The floor should be easy to clean material, like tile. It helps to have a full length miror on hand.


Allow about two hours for the wrap. It depends on how skilled one is and how organized your are. It should take about 15 minutes to prepare, defoliate, and measure. Applying the mud or jel, wrapping, and getting into the sweat suit will take about 15 minutes. Spend about an hour in the wrap, relaxing. Then cleaning up will take about half an hour.


This depends on who you are with. If you are by yourself, or a close friend, or partner, clothing is optional. Otherwise, a two piece swim suit for women, and swim trunks for men will do. Wear whatever your modesty standards allow.


Dry skin brushing will remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It will open the pores and stimulate the skin organ. Always use a dry brush.

Measure (Optional)

At a salon, they always want to measure you. This is not necessary. Weighing yourself is not necessary, but one might find it interesting because the weight will not change much, but the body will look toner. This is not a water losing process. In fact, one should drink a lot of water.

First Step

Start under the ankle, and wrap around the ankle to hold the end in place. Wrap upward. overlapping the side of the wrap with each turn. They shoud be be firm, but not tight. The material streches, but don't max it out! Just make it strech a little bit.

You should always be wraping toward the heart. From the legs up; from the wrists up. The only exception is the last part of the sedcond level, when going back down to put the skirt on after wrapping up.

Start your next wrap in the middle of the previous wrap, not on the edge of where you just left off. Overlap the previous wrap about half way.

When you get to the knee, slack off and barely touch the wrap, especially to the back of the knee. When you get to the end of one bandage, tuck it bak into itself to hold it place. Start the next wrap over the one just ended. Come up as high as your victim feels comfortable to let you wrap. Then do the other leg. If there is any throbbing or tingling, or no feeling at all, you have the wraps too tight. There should be no wrinkles in the wraps.

Second Level

Start the wrap at the abdomen and come around, under the buttock, so the buttock is lifted up and supported. This is very hard to do yourself. Bring the wrap around, over the abdomen, and tuck it to secure it. Do another wrap here, squeezing in the buttocks. Make sure the wraps are not cutting into the flesh anywhere, especially at the top of the thigh. Keep wrapping and working your way up over the abdomen and hips. If wrapping a male, wrap up over the breasts, but if wrapping a female, stop below the breasts. Then start a layer of wraps going down, over the abdomen and hips and thighs. Remember, the wraps should be firm, but not uncomfortable or deadly. If these wraps are too tight, loosen and rewrap the area.

Third level

Remember to add the clay or jel before you start. Start under the arm and go upward and across the chest, down the back, and returning to under the arm. Tuck the wrap to hold it in place. Then do the other side to get a criss-cross wrap.

The Arms

Put the clay on the arms. Start at the wrist, and wrap upward. Be careful with the elbow, just like you did with the knee. Keep it smooth. End at the top of the arm. Then do the other arm.

The Suit

Now, get into vinyl pants and shirt. I find that a nylon garment works also. Then, get into the bath tub. Put on some relaxing music. I find that trying to read a book is not a good idea. Some aromatherapy can be used here, but not candles. Candles generate smoke which is not good for living creatures. Get a diffuser or a nebulizer from an essential oil company like dōTERRA or from Aromatools. Read more about nebulizers here Relax for about 60 minutes.

Clean Up

Most other sites say not to shower or bathe for at leat 24 hours. I say remove the wraps, and take a shower. Then put the wraps and the suit in the washing machine. After drying the wraps, reroll them. Maybe you could throw the wraps and garments in the washing machine before getting in the shower. Drink a lot of water. Add some lemon to the water.

Here are some link references on body wrapping: