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I used to have teenage neighbor girls who would come and visit me. They would beg money from me, then go to the local store, buy hair coloring stuff, come back, lock themselves in my bathroom, and spend a couple of hours laughing and giggling, coloring hair that was perfectly beautiful before they started messing with it. One day it finally dawned on me that it was not about coloring their hair; it was about being together and having fun together. Well, rather than mess up perfectly good hair, I think a facial would be just as fun. And less expensive. One can get Montagne Jennesse Peel-off Masque, smear the stuff on your face, and peel it off.


Every true facial should include exfoliation, clay to cleanse the pores, and products that rehydrate and calm the skin.

The above quote came from a reference linked to below, and the following information paraphrases some of what is in the article.

Another source for facial material and information is Stephanie's web site. The Micro-Dermabrasion paste is an easy way to get that exfoliation, and can be found under the Enhancements tab.

Under the Redefine tab, there is a MACRO Exfoliator Tip for sale, but I didn't see where the item that the tip went to was for sale. Contact Stephanie if you are interested in this item.

I used to live next to a dairy farm, and they gave the cows shots with very large syringes. I got one, and removed the needle, and it was a great blackhead suction device. Just put it on the blackhead, pull the syringe handle back, and it sucked the blackhead right out. Remember, I'm not a doctor, and I'm not responsible for any actions you may take after reading my web. The other day I was in a party store, and I saw these syringes for sale as party shot items. You are supposed to fill them with a liquid, and shoot the liquid into your mouth. I still see them as blackhead removers! You can buy a whole pack of them without having to live by a dairy farm or having to remove the needle. Just visit your local party store.

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