How to Wax

Waxing Instructions (first method)

First, test any waxing on a small area of skin for sensitivity. Waxing is for removing hair, not moles or warts. Be sure to read the instructions of the products you are using.

Clean the area to be waxed with a product designed for this purpose. Heat he wax according to the instuctions. With an applicator, apply the wax using a 45° angel, in the direction of hair growth.

Place muslin strip on the waxed area and rub firmly in the direction of hair growth. (Natural Muslin Epilating Strips)

Hold skin taut, then pull muslin strip off with one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth and keeping the strip as close to the skin as possible. You only get one shot at this; do not rewax this area for a few days.

Apply pressure to the area for a few seconds. .

Apply wax off to the area to clean and moisturize the skin. Apply essential oils like Lavander.

Waxing Instructions (second method)

One can use Nad's body wax strips. There are 24 strips in the box, but only four (4) post wax calming oil wipes to calm the skin and remove wax residue. The instructions are on the box.

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