Home Massage

Step 1:

Wash your hands and feet. Use nail polish remover to remove any oil or old polish. Set out towels for use with the foot basin. Have a note pad and pencil within reach. You might want to make a smoothie.

Step 2:

Always cut your nails straight across with a nail cutter. Do this before you soak your feet, because cutting nails after they are soft makes it easier to mess them up. Use an emory board to file the edges smooth. The teen article had them soak feet before cutting nails.

Step 3:

You can, if needed, use a foot file or pumice stone to get rid of calluses. Be careful not to remove too much and cause bleeding. Again, the teen article had this procedure after soaking the feet, but other references advise doing it before the soak.

Step 4:

Now fill the basin with warm water. The teen article said to add a teaspoon of essential oil, probably not realizing that a teaspoon of oil is 100 drops. Ten drops of an essential oil like lavender would be plenty. You could add some liquid soap, or some bath salts. A squirt of body wash & foam bath from Bath&BodyWorks will have essential oils already in it. Let feet soak and soften for about ten minutes.

Now, while your feet are soaking:

1 With the pointer finger of each hand, find a spot on each side of your face and press gently but firmly for a few moments. Do not rub or scrub. Continue by pressing different spots around your face

2 With your fingertips, rhythmically tap all over your face like raindrops.

3 To stimulate circulation, gently pound your cheeks and forehead with loose fists.

4 End the treatment by gently placing your hands over your face to soothe.

Office Spa: Stress Relief for the Working Week, by Darrin Zeer, page20.

Now, remember that notepad in the preparation step? Write your thoughts. If you made a smoothie, have it now.

Step 5:

Dry your feet and apply moisturizing cream. You could use dōTerra Hand and Body lotion, combining it with lavender essential oil.

Step 6:

Push back the cuticles with a cuticle stick. Nip only the dead skin that is standing up. Be careful not to cut live tissue.

Step 7:

Apply a base coat to your nail and let dry 30 to 60 seconds. Then, apply a thin coat of nail polish. Brush down the middle first, and then down the sides. Let dry about one minute, then apply a second coat. Don't apply it thick, as thick coats chip easily. Clean polish off of skin with a small brush and polish remover.

Step 8:

Finally, apply a clear protective coat and allow it to dry about 15 minutes. Do not touch polish until it is completely dry.

Step 9:

Find a good book to read.

Here are some link references on pedicures: