Interesting People of the Bible


Nimrod was a mighty hunter against the Lord.



I once paid a lot of money for a book called "The Book of Enoch." I loaned it some one who nevr got it back to me. The next time I bought the book, it cost a lot less. But who was Enoch? There is a song, or hymn, about marching to the city of Zion. I asked a Baptist preacher where this city was, and he didn't know. Why sing about marching to some place we don't where it is? Well, it turns out that Zion is a city that Enoch built, and the whole city was taken to heaven.

John the Baptist

John the Baptist was the son of Zacharias, and was born about six months before Jesus. But he was hidden in the wilderness so he didn't get killed when all the infants got slaughtered.

Mary Mary and Mary

It takes a careful reading to keep the Marys straight. This is where I plan to document it for myself.

John the Beloved

John the Beloved wrote revelations and teh book of John. Much more aobut him later.