Welcome to the World of Dennis

This is a site where I document my many interests. In the TV show Magnum PI, Higgins, the caretaker of the estate, was documenting his career. This is sort of like that. This is a place to put my thoughts and ideas.

Edible Weeds

Some writings about edible plants in my backyard. Edible weeds.

Essential Oils

My interest in edible and healing plants led me to the essential oil business. This part of my domain is devoted to all things essential oil.


Here is where my religious journey is documented. I provide a table of Bible quotes for a scripture of the day.


I once thought about writing a course on negotiating.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Most of you can skip this part.

Books and Movies

I like to read books and I like to watch movies. Movies made from books often, or almost always differ from the book. Here, I act as a reviewer and compare the two.


This is where I tell people how to become wealthy.


Mostly this is about string art.

Day Spa

I always wanted to own my own day spa. This is a virtual spa. Enjoy.

Rental Property

This is where I tell people how to not get rich!