Essential Oils

I got invloved ith essential oils because I was at a friend's house, and my left thumb joint was hurting, as it hs bothered me for the past thirty years since I was knocked off a motorcycle. She gave me some lemongrass for it, and it worked wonders.


It goes on better from a roller bottle.

White Willow bark



Do not ingest it!

Devil's Claw


Capsaicin applied to the skin. Never use cayenne with a heating pad, or just after or before a shower. Do not touch your eyes after you touch it.

Warm water

One of the oldest forms of treating pain, itstill works today. Add some Epsom salts. Do some gentle stretching while in the water.

Peppermint and Eucalyyptus


Rub oil of Jasmine on the temples, in a circular motion. The Jasmine enters into the body through the skin and through the nasal mucosa.